Reunited 36 Years Later

My husband Bruce and I were friends in high school. Our best friends were dating each other, so we spent a lot of time together. After graduation in 1970, we all went our separate ways.I found him again in 2005. We got engaged one month after reuniting; married in 6 months. Now married for 9 yrs. Unfortunately, he now has Stage 4 incurable cancer. He saw the advertisement for your ring and started crying because he knows he can never get it for me. But it says what we feel, We ARE Forever us!

Time stood still

I met my soul mate while at work (Zales) His Eco drive had stopped running, so he brought it in. I fixed it and he was off. But then he came back a few more times. His last visit he asked me to give him a call. After a few days I called him. We have been inseparable ever since. That was 11 years ago!! Thank you Citizen Eco Drive!!

The first year of a lifetime together

Christopher & I became friends first for a month. We talked every single day until, finally, he called me up and said “I want a shot.” When he took me on our first date, I knew I was with the man who was supposed to be my husband. Christopher is my best friend; the person I laugh with, play with, and do embarrassing yet awesome things with. He is also the love of my life; the person whose heart inspires me every day. We both waited a long time to find each other & it was well worth the wait.

Our Love is Ever Us

Our love is Ever Us…we dated 7 years and married 17 years and still saying “I Do”  Love is patient and kind it is not jealous or envious never boastful or proud. Love is not ill mannered or selfish or easily angered. Love does not keep a record of wrongs, it does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Love never gives up. It always protects. Always trusts. Always hopes. Always preserves. Love never fails. #Richeystrong

11 years, two miracles and a love story

The moment he saw me the first time, he told my uncle I was going to be the mother of his children. Little he knew, that day my doctor told me I couldn’t have babies. He insisted for two years and we became best friends. We had the big news that we were having a baby, risky, but one risk that he was willing to take with me. A fight for my life and my son’s life, but there we were seven years later doing it again while we expected our baby girl. Our life, our two miracles, our forever love…

Always and Forever

On August 22, 2015, I married the LOVE OF MY LIFE. We were college sweethearts who separated when I took a job in New York City. I never stopped missing him. In July, he contacted me after seeing my picture on Facebook. I asked him how long it had been and he said, ” 27 years, 6 months, and 18 days.” He had me right there. On our second date, he said, “I asked you to marry me twice before. You said, no, both times. Are you finally ready to be Mrs. Anderson?” I said, “YES.”

El Amor de Mi Vida!

Gemma and I met 26 years ago on a blind date and it was meant to be! Young at heart we have traveled the world around experiencing the most wonderful events and the most difficult times together, always respecting and caring for each other. We have created a wonderful family and most importantly an enduring true love. My best friend, my true love. El amor de mi vida!

When you find your souls reflection in someone else you find your best friend

Hello, I am writing to express how my forever partner and wife Wendy is not only the love of my life but my best friend. Fate brought us together at a time when we were both at a low point in our lives and were not expecting each other. Our friendship formed immediately as our love grew daily. Our lives and families blended as officially 3 years later as we were just married this last July. My best friend has taught me how to trust, to love and to grow again. My forever friend 🙂

Travis & Emily 3 years

After being in the same circles numerous times over the years, when Emily & I finally met it was truly love at first sight. We were meant to meet at that particular time and place and have been together every day since. She is my best friend, my life partner and my love.

Steve and Ellen singing from the same sheet of music for 30 years

We met, we fell in love, we got married, we had good days, we had bad days, but more than anything we had each other. Our story is simple, we had four kids that knew we were always there for them as a united force. we are so proud of them, their success and social conscience. Over the years there have been difficult decisions to make that made were stronger by making them together. We have tolerated and learned to laugh at each others bad moods and bad jokes. I wouldn’t change a thing.